Abundance Wild Divine: BPX Serpentine Sisters

Zami Marx is a Santa Barbara based body painter and visual artist. She is the wife of Noah Marx and works almost exclusively with him as the photographer. You can follow her body art at @byzamibodyart and ZamiMarx.com.

Jessie Hutchison is a talented model, dancer, hoop and fire performer who loves of making people smile. She works hard and believes in being the best she can be in all aspects of life. From personal relationships, to public performances you can guarantee she is giving it her all. She captures her audience and shines bright on the stage turning music into movement. It is a great joy for her to enchant people through the beautiful art displayed on her body done by her beautiful and talented collaborator Zami Marx.

Micaela Chapman aka Cosmic Mickey is a Ventura County based flow artist. Although Hoop was her first found love she has grown an affair with Fire Fans, Veil Fans, Fire Eating, and other minimal fire props. Her rapid progression in her craft grew from the amount inspiration and support that the flow art community provides. She loves to share her love for flow arts by being an active member of Ventura County Fire and Flow Arts and sharing what she knows with her friends and creating interactive flow performances.

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